Auckland Examination Centre
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Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET)

Each paper is returned to Cambridge for marking and assessment, except the Speaking Test, which is conducted by two locally based examiners who examine candidates face to face.

Reading and Writing (Paper 1) 1 hour 30 minutes

The Reading and Writing paper assesses the ability to read and understand factual texts taken from signs, brochures, newspapers and magazines. Candidates need to be able to understand the main messages and the effect they may have on a reader, and to have strategies for dealing with unfamiliar words and structures.

The paper includes a variety of tasks including filling in gaps in simple texts, completing forms, and writing a short report or letter of around 100 words to demonstrate control of structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.

Listening (Paper 2) 35  minutes

The Listening paper assesses the ability to understand recorded material such as public announcements and dialogues, which will be delivered at a moderate pace. Candidates need to be able to understand the factual information in the recordings, and to assess the attitudes and intentions of the speakers

Speaking (Paper 3) 10-12 minutes

The Speaking Test assesses the ability to interact in conversational English with an examiner and with another candidate. Candidates need to be able to answer and ask questions about themselves and to talk freely about their likes and dislikes.