Dubai Based Mall and Lulu Group to deliver the region’s First Mega Market concept

Dubai Based Mall and Lulu Group to deliver the region’s First Mega Market concept

Dubai Based Mall and Lulu Group to deliver the region’s First Mega market concept: Dubai Outlet Mall and Lulu Group are established entities known for Value shopping and are teaming together to enhance the value shopping experience and introduce the first-ever cash and carry the concept to regional customers.

Dubai Outlet Mall, the Ultimate Value Shopping Destination, is set to solidify its position as an industry leader while consistently redefining value shopping in the MENA region. As the Dubai Outlet Mall expansion nears its opening, a strategic alliance is formed with Lulu Group for the region’s first and largest Mega market spread featuring the most competitive value shopping experience.

The MENA region lacks its version of the cash and carries a concept. This new partnership will leverage bulk buying prices. The cash and carry concept offers UAE residents/shoppers exclusive bargains, as well as a broad range of low-cost, high-value products at competitive prices, focused on merchandise quality, wide selection as well as customer ease and convenience.

The expansion of Dubai Outlet Mall is purely organic and once open will be over 3.5 million sq. ft. making it the largest outlet mall in the world. The expansion is an evolution of a successful vision of the first Value Shopping mall in the region offering more Bargains, Brands, Cinema, Mega market, Community space, and World-Class Entertainment at the largest purpose-built state-of-the-art 117 Live Arena for concerts in the region. Dubai Outlet Mall is currently experiencing increased footfall of local residents with the growth of the immediate catchment area and community.

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Lulu Group, after proper research and review, made this strategic decision to partner with Dubai Outlet Mall to offer mutually focused value shopping to shoppers.

The progressive partnership shows strong confidence by Lulu Group in the potential of the new mall expansion and reflects a positive future ahead for over 1.2 million residents in the immediate catchment area looking for value shopping and year-round bargains from premium and top fashion and lifestyle brands. Shoppers look for the best possible value of the product or service through discounts, bundle offers, and consumer ease and convenience.

Mr. Yusuff Ali M.A, Chairman & Managing Director of Lulu Group said, “Our aim is to enhance the retail experience for our customers within prestigious developments in the buoyant retail sector and Dubai Outlet Mall has provided us the perfect platform `to present to the region the latest in value retail. We are confident in the demand for bargains and cash and carry goods and look forward to being pioneers together in this area of retail.”

Mr. Ali Khammas, Executive Director of Dubai Outlet Mall, said: “To further strengthen the mall’s value proposition and omnichannel experience, we support the evolution of a successful first value shopping mall in the region. Our partnership with lulu Group International aims to set new industry standards in the value shopping space and enhance our position as an industry leader with an advanced value shopping experience to visitors and neighboring communities.”

Since its opening in 2007, Dubai Outlet Mall has made its mark as the FIRST value shopping concept mall in the MENA region. It has been home to over 1300 premium brands with over 240 stores. Successfully providing value shopping in the UAE, Dubai Outlet Mall has gained the trust of luxury brands known all over the world. As the Ultimate Value Shopping Destination, it caters to a wide customer base across residents of different nationalities and visitors from all over the globe.

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